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Polyurethane is our expertise

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Smart release agent solutions

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MCM Polymers Agencies 2007 Ltd.

Our company is specialized in importing, marketing and distribution of raw materials, equipments and machinery for the polyurethane, PVC, rubber and plastic industries. We exclusively represent some of the world leading companies in this field.

We give our customers a reliable and professional service and assist in importing containers and partial cargos.

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Our Services

  • Raw Materials

    Our company offers a wide range of raw materials for the polyurethane, PVC, rubber and plastic industries. In addition, we offer machinery and processing equipment, production lines including the necessary molds for the production process.
  • Products development

    We are your partner in the process of product development for industrial production. From finding the right raw materials, taking into account the requirements of the product, the requirement of the market and the standard demands. We define the necessary machinery and equipment needed to manufacture the product, including the appropriate molds.
  • Support & assistance

    We offer our support and assistance through every step of the products import process. Communication with overseas suppliers, monitoring the import process and shipment updates until the goods arrival.

Release agents

Polyurethane, polyester, phenolic, melaminic and epoxy resins, thermoplastics, rubber: all these, and other materials, take shape more easily with the help of our release agents.


We offer wide range of polyurethane elastomers, used for hundreds of different applications. Many performance levels are available to suit exact application.

Thermoplastic polyurethanes

The LARIPURs are thermoplastic polyurethanes and they consequently combine the working technology of the thermoplastic products with the well-known features of polyurethanes.


PLAXTER P, POLYMERIC PLASTICIZERS, are polyesters with a molecular weight varying between a few hundred and a few thousand, usually capped with alcoholic or acidic chain stoppers.

Raw materials for specific uses

  • Materials for the production of medical products: Thermoplastic polyurethane at different shore hardness for injection of medical device & equipment fitting USP VI standard.
  • Potable water tanks, pools & reservoirs: Polyurea with a european standard for drinking water applications.
  • Food contact flexible PVC products: Various plasticizers for PVC with FDA standard.
  • High temperatures resistance products: Hot cast elastomers for products that are used at temperature between 110-120 Celisus and 130-140 Ceslius for short exposure times.
  • Food contact and drinkable water applications: Thermoplastic polyurethane at different shore hardnesses, fitting FDA, NSF 61, EEC standards.
  • Great strength products, combined with the unique features of polyurethane: Thermoplastic polyurethane, reinforced with fiberglass
  • Fire resistant product UL 94V0: Thermoplastic polyurethane at different shore hardnesses, compact rigid polyurethane, polyurethane for sealing applications and block molding compounds(BMC).

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